Sergio Rodríguez | Creative Director
Thanks for taking the time to grab a look at my stuff. I’m Sergio Rodríguez, one of those “right person in the room” kind of people when it comes to creative leadership. My first Job as Creative Director had me overseeing Chevy’s National Us Hispanic Advertising both Nationally and at a Regional level for close to 10 years. Lead all sorts of creative development, from broadcast to digital, print, experiential, outdoor… you name it. From there I’ve gone to work for clients such as Symantec, Ally Bank, Toyota, United Healthcare, Florida Power and Light, Florida City Gas, Gulf Power, US Navy, Dunkin Donuts, Johnson & Johnson, Florida Marlins, Miami FC, Anthem Health / Simply Health Care, Don Q Rums. Much of the work with these clients lead to award winning experiences. Rewarding in both the literal and figurative sense. In all the agencies I have been in, I have made positive contributions towards the creative culture and experience overall, helped secure new business clients and shared with everyone the excitement of award wining work. Again, thanks for your time and I hope you enjoy.