The following is a small compilation of my Chevrolet work.

The award-winning spot, which was titled "Salute", ran in the World Series Final. It highlighted the nuance in Hispanic usage of the truck category. For Hispanics trucks are not simply a tool. They are a symbol, a badge. This Multicultural insight drove this GMKT execution.

In need of a big resurgence, Chevy was looking for something larger than life. We partnered up with acclaimed director, Michael Bay, and created the iconic car-carrier commercial. It served as the launch of the American Revolution idea. The proof points of the revolution being the all-new, 10 cars and trucks that were destined to revolutionize the category.

With the superb gas mileage at the time, Chevy cars were paying less and less attention to gas pumps. And well, let's just say gas pumps did not take kindly to the abandonment.

With the superb gas mileage at the time, Chevy cars were paying less and less attention to gas pumps. And well, let's just say gas pumps did not take kindly to the abandonment.

Below you will see how we managed the Chevy Impala launch for both General Market and Multicultural.
And now, to the HHR launch...

Launch Ad for the HHR.

Next you will see some TV and Print executions all corresponding to Our Country Our Truck and Milestones campaigns. They were particularly successful, as well as award winning. See the caption below the TV spots included below to learn the story behind it.

Our Country, Our Truck launched as the anthem you will experience above. The song was written by John Mellencamp, and as the hit was being produced, we collaborated with him to achieve a visual synergy between the original music video being and our TV spot. The result was an authentic campaign that spoke to the fiber of the truck buyer. Turning the Silverado legacy into an authentic part of the fiber of our collective American story. "Our Country, Our Truck".

This spot was the Hispanic counterpart to our GMKT "Our Country, Our Truck" campaign (Video to the right). As it goes with US Hispanic advertising, sometimes the GMKT campaign can't simply be translated and served up. But that does not mean one can't find other ways to achieve synergies. Our Country, Our Truck was steeped in national pride and Americana. Middle and low acculturated Hispanics had a hard time genuinely connecting with a sense of American National pride which harkened back to American History and Americana. But there is one thing Hispanics can own about their American experience and feel proud about. Which is, what they have achieved in this country. So, we created a campaign that revolved around little known, yet significant Hispanic achievements and contributions to the fabric of America. In this way, we were able to create an authentic sense of belonging and National pride. We called this "Nuestra Marca" (Our Mark/Brand). This Campaign went on to win awards and generated many interesting revelations for all who worked on it. Above is the launch spot. Below is a sampling of some print spread executions and single print ads which were part of this campaign.

Our Country, Our Truck was a very simple, yet powerfully charged rally cry. For over 100 years, Chevy Silverado has been part of the fabric of this country. And we've been through a lot. With John Mellencamp's song, the story of our legacy as Americans comes to life. With this ad, Chevy Silverado claimed its rightful place in our national history, becoming more than simply one more truck. It effectively became culture, and a very powerful symbol. Enabling all of us to own our American colors like never before and proudly say, "This is our country". From the east coast, to the west coast!

Next you will see a body of work related to a World Cup sponsorship
Below are miscellaneous print executions

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