Grab a look at some video content we made for RAV4. This ran on YouTube, as well as in our social media channels. The RAV4 is a legend in its category. It’s well known, respected and iconic. With such legendary status, we gave some well-known Hispanic legends a stab at experiencing the RAV4. These “monstermonials” were the resulting product. 

Chupacabras, who made a killing sucking farm animals dry, leaving them with no blood, now is an avid animal rescue expert.

El Cuco (Boogey Man), who hid in closets, keeping kids awake and crapping their pants, now owns a thriving closet design business.

La Llorona, a weepy, moaning woman, who eternally laments how her life turned out, now is a motivational speaker. All thanks to her book: El Poder del Llanto (The Power of Crying).

Below are images used to create a carousel type post for the legendary RAV 4.



Static Post

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